Beauty Adventure

Considering I love to travel, June’s BirchBox theme was spot on! “Adventure is a state of mind. It’s about exploring the unknown, dreaming beyond the horizon, letting go of the word “no.” What’s on your list? Scuba diving with the sharks? Sleeping under the stars (hey, your backyard counts)? Here’s to adventures big and small, near and far.” This month’s samples included: Coastal Scents: Revealed … Continue reading Beauty Adventure

Can it be, no burpees for me?

Who else sat in front of their computers on Thursday night fully expecting the words BURPEES to come from Dave Castro’s mouth? I was kinda like….   Could it actually be, no burpees at all in the 2015 Open?! AMAZING!! However, this did not mean that 15.5 would not be painful. It was very reminiscent of 14.5…. except rowing and 12 less thrusters. Hmmm …. … Continue reading Can it be, no burpees for me?

How to Overcome Bodyweight Issues?

The answer: Avoid Body Weight Movements?! Ok, that’s a little bit tongue in cheek obviously but…. This year the Crossfit Games Open has been very “Body Weight Movement” intensive…..Toes to Bar, Chest to Bar pull ups, Muscle Ups…. I think someone at Crossfit HQ is trying to tell me something about my body weight. So of course when 15.4 was announced, at first I was all … Continue reading How to Overcome Bodyweight Issues?